Yes, they are! That is why we our color flow is really smooth, in our gradients there are no sharp color changes.

Because we believe you can see the sequence of colors better.

No, unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to wind all the yarns, we just wind the gradients to cakes.

In general they should not but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that they don’t. If we find a knot, we mark that particular skein and it gets discounted, but we cannot go through every cm of each skein – if the skein comes from the factory with a knot (or even more than one), we might not be able to notice it.

No – we cannot dye exactly the same, never ever. Even if we dye a repeatable colorway, it probably won’t be 100% identical to a previous dye lot. 

So we suggest to make sure you have enough skeins of the same dye lot.

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